Brandenburg Drainage

Brandenburg Drainage is a nationwide contractor with insured and safety-trained people to work in the lower 48 states.  We have over 20 years experience in drain tile installation, right-of-way clearing, restoration, and drain tile repair on large-scale pipeline projects.

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* REX East Drain Tile Repairs on Spreads B, C, E, F, F2, and G (2008-2009)


* Guardian Extension Drain Tile Repair (June-Nov. 2008)


* Keystone Pipeline Spread 8B-1 Drain Tile Repair, SheehanPipeline Construction (2009)


* Alberta Clipper Spread 4 Project Trenching, Precision Pipeline, (February 2010)


* Enterprise Right-of-Way Clearing, New York & Pennsylvania (2011-2014)


* XTO Energy Right-of-Way Clearing, Schmid Pipeline (August-September 2012)


*Blue Racer Midstream, LLC New Right-of-Way Clearing (February-April 2013)


*Segment 5A-Line 6B Phase 2, Drain Tile Repair, Precision Pipeline (August 2013-February 2014)


*Enbridge Southern Lights Project, Drain Tile Repair, Henkels & McCoy, Inc. (September-October 2013)


*Enbridge Flanagan South Spreads 1 & 2, Drain Tile Repair, Michels Pipeline (September 2013 - April 2014)


*Enbridge Flanagan South Spread 3, Drain Tile Repair, U.S. Pipeline (August 2013-April 2014)


* Story County Lateral, Story County, IA Drain Tile Repair, Michels Pipeline (July 2014-September 2014)


* ITC Right-of-Way Clearing (Ongoing) 



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